60,000 new investors a year

There are more and more property investors in the market each year.

How many of them know what they’re doing?

At last count there were now 2.05 million property investors in Australia.

That’s 348,000 more investors than the last time there was a head count six years ago.

That means that Australia is creating 60,000 new property investors a year!

You might be thinking… ooh. 60,000 a year. That’s a pretty crowded market. It’s going to be hard to carve out my niche in all of that.

Maybe I better stick to shares.

But this is the thing. How many of those 60,000 investors actually know what they’re doing?

How many know how to research performance properties

How many know how to analyse markets and find where the hottest deals are?

How many know how to turn duds into cashflow superstars?

And how many are buying negatively geared cash-holes because that’s what they’re accountant told them to do.

Now, I consider myself a student of human nature. And I know that most people are time poor and/or lazy and/or just hope for the best.

So is it fair to say that most of those 60,000 don’t really know what they’re doing?

So yes, it’s a crowded market, but crowded with people who don’t know a duplex from a hole in the ground.

That means, even just a little bit of education and training puts you at the head of the pack.

It gives you a massive advantage in a massive market.

And a massive advantage in a massive market equals massive profits.

Seriously, for someone like me, who has a very good idea of what I’m doing, it’s never been easier.

The market has never been better.

So bring it on, I say.

The market welcomes all comers. But only the well-educated survive.

Spiro Kladis
Managing Director, Cashflow Capital

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  1. James Love
    1 month ago

    Really ?? It’s the accountants that promote the negatively geared properties ?? It’s the accountants who promise the punters $20000 tax refunds ?? It’s the accountants who fail to warn people that any depreciation claimed comes off the cost base at sale ?? No, it’s the accountants who get to explain to clients why they still have a nasty CGT bill despite making stuff all on the sale and spending 5 years pouring money into an interest only hole. Property spruikers who tip people into places like Mackay just before the you know what hits the fan are the problem