Abundant body, abundant mind

Imagine getting up from where you are right now.

(I’m assuming you’re not one of those people who reads things while they’re walking. If that’s the case I can’t help you. You’re already a god.)

So imagine you have to get up and walk somewhere.

How does that seed of thought land with you?

Are you like, sure, no worries. I’m ready to bounce up and move. No story at all.

Or are you like, oh man. Come on Spiro. I’m tired. Getting up is going to be a hassle. And then walking somewhere? Seriously? Do you know how sore these feet are?

Or what about if I asked you to hold on to this 10kg box of apples for me.

(I’m making pie.)

What’s your instinctive reaction?

Is it, no worries Spiro. I’ve got you. I can hold up that box of apples for you, no worries.

Or is it more like, get stuffed Spiro. I’m not even warm. And I tweaked my back this morning tying my shoes. Can’t we just put them on the ground?

You’re first reaction here matters, and gives you an insight in to what you’re actual capacity is.

You might think, nah, it doesn’t matter. If I have to carry someone’s box of apples, I’ll deal with it then. And I’ll probably tell them to carry their own apples.

But this is the thing. Life is asking you to carry boxes of apples all the time. It might be a physical box of apples, or it could be a burden like getting your taxes done this week, or sorting out your depreciation schedule, or figuring out where you’re spending is going.

When the request comes, what mindset does it meet?

Are you in a mindset where you are ready to rise and put your back into any challenge? Or are you in a mindset where you are defensive, looking to duck and weasel your way out of any responsibilities that might come your way?

Now there’s nothing intrinsically good or bad about either state, but if you’re looking to get stuff done, if you’re looking to achieve things in the world, then you need to be carrying that readiness mindset.

The journey to achievement just isn’t sustainable if you’re fighting it every step of the way.

And so if you’re in that defensive mindset, what can you do?

For me, it comes down to the physical.

You have to do whatever it takes to get your head in a space where you have more energy than you need.

If you have more energy than you need, then you have spare energy to give. When challenges come, there’ll be energy available.

So how do you do that?

Train yourself to have more energy.

And by that I mean, walk more than you need to walk. Move more than you need to move. Build the strength to carry more than you need to carry.

Build a physical sense of abundant energy. This will then become your mindset.

I mean, what kind of burden can you take on if you’re body is telling you it doesn’t even have enough energy to get off the couch?

Maybe you could use willpower to bust on through this and get stuff done, but man, that’s going to be a hard road.

Much better to build abundant physical energy – I’m not talking about running triathlons – just a level of fitness that is a step beyond what your day to day life demands.

Then watch the transformation.

Abundant body, abundant mind.

Spiro Kladis
Managing Director, Cashflow Capital

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