Before there were fancy shells, there was property

Are you still going on about property Spiro? It’s 2018 man. It’s all about Cryptos these days bro.

I know. I get it. I love it.

I love what’s going on in cryptos. It’s fun. I’m having a bit of a dabble myself. And for the moment, there aren’t as many hungry eyes on the property market. I love that.

But sooner or later the hype will die down (check the overnight market :-)). The blockchain will be integrated into our technological universe, the price of alt-coins will stabilise, and the easy money will have been made…

… or lost.

… and there will still be property.

There has always been property and there always will be.

The first wars were fought over women, probably. The second over territory.

That is, land.

And before there was money. Before there were fancy shells or anything like that, there was property. It was the first thing that anyone ever ‘owned’ and it is still the fundamental unit of ownership.

And before they invented the wheel… or pottery or even bronze… there was property.

Before the industrial revolution, there was property.

And before the dot com boom and the blockchain revolution, there was property.

You can’t even separate out the ownership of land from human civilisation. One is meaningless with the other.

Land is old school. It’s vintage investing.

The way I see it, no other asset class on earth can give you the mix of stability and return; of permanence and profit.

So while property might rise and fall in popularity and prominence in the public eye – it will always be there.

And that means that for people who know what they’re doing, there will always be ways to make money out of property.

There’s no secret here. I mean, why do you think banks are willing to lend 95% of a property’s value? Because they know how solid it is.

Try getting a 95%LVR on any other asset class. You’ll be laughed out of the bank manager’s office.

And so cryptos are making people rich. Good on them. The stupid ones are buying Lamborghinis. The smart one’s are buying property.

I do worry for the people who’ve made their money overnight – and who made it by doing nothing other than buying the right coin at the right time.

It’s a bit like winning the lottery. That sounds great, but we also know that winning the lottery tends to destroy lives more often than it makes them.

So I don’t mind that I had to work for my fortune. It was fun, and the truth of it is, I didn’t have to work all that hard.

I certainly didn’t work as hard as all those people slaving away for a wage, I can tell you that.

Property demanded that I put in the hours, that I got skilled up, and that I got creative. Sure, it was a bit of work. It wasn’t as easy as clicking a button and pushing some digital units around.

But that’s ok. It made me the man I am.

And so this year, I’m hoping you’ll join all of here at Cashflow Capital, who’ve made our slow-burn fortunes. (And when I say slow, some people are doing it in under two years.)

I hope you join us in finding your vocation and your passion in property. And I hope it makes you rich.

And I hope you know the peace of mind that we do, that property will always be there.

Here’s to an amazing 2018 everybody.

Spiro Kladis
Managing Director, Cashflow Capital

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  1. Mark
    6 months ago

    A wise man you are Spiro.
    One of my first lessons was buildings depreciate land appreciates.
    Keep your eye on the prize young Jeddi!

  2. admin
    6 months ago

    Thanks Yoda 🙂

  3. Sonia
    6 months ago

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