Can I really do this?

“It was easy for you to make money in property Spiro. But can I really do it too?”

When I tell my story, it sometimes sounds a little clinical.

I started out here without all that much, I found this strategy that worked. I did it again. And again. And now I’m a millionaire.

In hindsight it’s all so logical. Of course step B followed step A.

But in the moment, I had no idea what I was doing or whether it would work. I was pioneering strategies. I had advice from mentors, and I knew those strategies worked for them, but would they work for me?

And more than that, could I do it? Could I, Spiro, a man who had until this point lived his life like there was no financial tomorrow, just suddenly turn things around?

I had never achieved great things. I had never made a million dollars. I had no runs on the board. I had no specialist skills when it came to property.

Was I just kidding myself that I could really be successful?

What if I was just destined to be one of life’s losers?

In the beginning, these thoughts haunted me day and night.

And everyone would say, “just believe in yourself.” But what is belief without evidence. Believing that I could be a property millionaire felt a bit like believing in the tooth fairy.

But you don’t have to go full tilt to believing that you could replace your entire income and spend your days on a yacht in the Caribbean.

All you need to do is believe things can be different.

Not even necessarily better, or worse. Just different.

All you need to do is believe that the life story you have been living until this moment, doesn’t have to be your life story forever.

Just believe in the possibility of change – the possibility that you and your life, could be different.

That’s all I did. I just opened up to the possibility of change. I opened myself up to the possibility that I was on new path now. All of my past stories and ideas about who I was could be rewritten.

Once I had cast off, so to speak – once I had pulled up the anchors that locked me in my old life, then I simply added positive energy to get me moving in the right direction.

That positive energy took a few forms – it was positive thinking, but it was also spending time with people who inspired and motivated me, and it was investing in myself and my own education.

Now that I had the capacity to move, these things kept me moving in the right direction.

And it was really as simple as that.

Slowly, but surely, my life started to change. I became a new person living a new story… a story where in a short period of time, I would become a millionaire.

So I say to anyone, anyone can do this, because anyone can change. Change is the only essential ingredient.

Believe in it, and the rest will follow.

Spiro Kladis
Managing Director, Cashflow Capital

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  1. Dot
    6 months ago

    Dear Spiro, HNY.
    I’ll get straight to the point if you’ll allow. My grandson was abandoned by his dad. He’s young, under eighteen, not finished school but bright. He’s interested in realestate and needs direction. I could open up a trust and we could but and sell to build a decent cash flow or build a life. Nothing is impossible but we need help and guidance to start. I’m a pensioner and need my small income stream to live. I guess we need start up funds and more guidance to do this. I’m turn everyone will benefit.
    Please return my plea.
    Dorothea Osland. 0411355403