High summer and high vibes

Its all out there in summer time, isn’t it?

Everything is on display. The clothing layers peel off and there’s a lot more skin on the streets. Light hits the city like sledge hammer, and it feels like you’re eyes are being overloaded. There’s just too much signal. It all starts distorting.

I think the reason people meditate with their eyes closed is so they can just turn off that input for a bit. Give themselves a break for the constant onslaught of visual information.

It’s hard enough at the best of times.

But in summer it all gets amplified.

So I think there’s two intentions we can bring to summer.

The first is to remember that this is a season to be seen. Get into your undies and hit the mall.

Nah, I mean, the world is calling everything into its eyes. It is not a season for hiding. So let the world see you. Let people see the real you. Let them see all your successes and all your failures.

Let the see where you are vulnerable and where you are strong.

If you’ve been a shy Shirley all your life, now is a time to experiment with being more ‘out-there’. Be more honest, more transparent, more raw.

The season will support you.

(Often, people are just too hot to care. “Should we arrest that guy in his underpants?” “Pfft. Who can be bothered?”)

And just as it is a season for being seen, it is also a season for seeing. The light hits the earth hard. Nothing can hide from it.

So take a look around the landscape of your life. What can you see now that you haven’t been able to see before?

What features have been hiding in the shadows? What features are now unearthed by the wash of summer light?

What do you really think about your job? Does it really line up with what you want to be doing in life?

How are things really going with your mother in law? Are you really ok with biting your tongue all the time?

Nothing can hide now. So now is the time to be a little curious about what else you can see.

And ultimately, turn that curious gaze inwards. Take a look at yourself and tune in. What is going on here that I haven’t been able to see before?

If you combine that with phase one – the letting yourself be more fully seen, in the lubricated movement that the summer heat brings, you might be surprised at what you find out.

But of course the enemy here is distraction. This kind of work doesn’t come naturally in summer. People are out, energy is high, there’s just so much going on.

It’s not easy to still your focus.

But it’s worth the effort, I reckon.

Of course, it’s not all work and no play. Summer is a time for winding down and relaxing too.

And that’s what we’ll be doing. We’ll be out of the office between December 22 and January 8.

Hope this year has been as profitable for you as it has been for me.

Look forward to our continued success next year.

All the best
Spiro and the CFC Team.

Are you a fighter?

Spiro Kladis
Managing Director, Cashflow Capital

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