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How to get access to Australia's best deals for FREE!

Our research team work full time finding Australia's best positive geared cashflow, development and instant equity deals. You might expect to pay $10,000+ to get access to these deals, when you consider the research and time that goes into finding them. However, for a limited time only, you can get a property professionally sourced to you for free.

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Positive Cashflow Properties Australia

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7 reasons why 100's of everyday Australian's choose to work with Cashflow Capital

You get your own property coach, who's only a phone call away. This means, you feel totally supported as you grow your portfolio

You get access to capital growth and positive cashflow deals. Having both these sort of properties allows you to grow a large portfolio - because that gives you the income and the equity to continue getting bank loans.

You get a personal Property Investment Business Plan. Your plan will guide you in what type of properties to buy, in what area, to help you reach your financial goals. You'll be investing like a pro - not an amateur.

You get access to 'off-market' deals, 'Golden deals' that often don't even make it to That's because 'in-the-know' investors snap them up before they are listed. We give you the 'insiders edge'.

You benefit from our 'group buying' power. This helps you to secure property deals under market value. This saving goes directly to your back pocket.

You get access to a property finance team that specialises in investors. This means, they'll help you get the best type of property loan for your specific situation - at no charge to you.

You get access to co-investing in high-profit potential developments. Our clients have been privileged to invest in high-profit blue chip developments with substantial profit potential. A professional development team does all the work - you sit back and get the profits.

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