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Australia's Leading Property Investing Team

In 2016, I've collected over $3,574,000.00 in equity via 10 properties that generate over $66,170 per year in cashflow

Company founder - Spiro Kladis

In 2001 Spiro Kladis was struggling as a property investor. He had a few deals under his belt, but they were all negatively geared - and going nowhere. Not only that, having to fork out money each month to support his loans was ruining his lifestyle. So he felt depressed about his prospects through real estate. But then, a friend referred him to an accountant who was enjoying big success in real estate.

This accountant had 18 properties in his portfolio - all producing positive cashflow and creating capital growth as well.

He asked this Accountant to mentor him on his system for property success. Luckily for Spiro, he agreed and showed him how he could achieve positive cashflow and growth, and start achieving his lifestyle dreams. After learning this strategy, Spiro rolled up his sleeves and went to work.

Net result: in 2016 Spiro has over $3.5 Million in equity and collected over $60,000 in positive cashflow.

Head Strategy Coach - Drew

Drew Smith is one of Australia's leading Property Educators & Presenters.

As a full-time Investor, Drew understands what it takes to build the ideal portfolio for Australian Investors in today's market. Drew's experience as a Global Investor, Licensed Real Estate agent and a HSBC Financial Advisor have taught him to be successful, you must have a plan, strategy and surround yourself with the right team.

As a sought after Keynote speaker, Drew has taught thousands of investors the RIGHT way to be successful in Property by harnessing the power of Cashflow and Equity. With Cashflow Capital he works with clients to achieve financial freedom so you can start living life on your terms and creating the life you truly want to live.

Our mighty mission - Transform the lives of 1,000 everyday Australians through real estate in the next 5 years

  • Sending your kids to the best possible school, without worrying about the fees
  • Going on long holidays 3 or 4 times a year to beautiful beachside resorts. So you can relax and rejuvenate, without whacking it on the credit card
  • Potentially paying off your home loan in 7-10 years instead of 30. This can potentially save you $100,000's in interest paid to the bank, if you do it the right way.
  • Spending more time with your family. Instead of getting your energy drained by travelling to work in rush hour, then leaving work in the dark
  • Eating out whenever you like at the best cafes and restaurants - without worrying about the bill
Our mission is to help 1,000 families enjoy choices like these over the next 5 years. Maybe you can be one of them, if you choose to work with us.

Our Core Principles

You Get Personal Support

Each person is unique and has different goals in life. So all of our clents get a fully personalised Property Investment Business Plan. Our clients also get personal support from our property invesing coaches, they are always only a phone call or email away.

You Get Done for you service

We know you're busy. So we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to secure high-performance properties. That's why our team will do the 'grunt work' in finding and securing the best possible deals for you, making it an enjoyable and stress-free service.

You Get Independent Research

In our experience, helping 100's of investors over the past decade an investment property is only as good as the research behind it. So to help guide our client's investment choices, we use the best research, sourced from the top property data research firms in Australia.

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You can now book a complimentary call with our Senior Property Coach. In your call you will get:
  • A complete financial analysis of which type of property may suit you best and in which area
  • An analysis of your investing strategy - and any mistakes you could be making, that are hidden from your view
  • A 'roadmap' on what you need to do to move forward with safety and confidence

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