Feb 14, 2018
by Spiro
Want a niche in the market? Here's one

The key to building a successful career in property is finding your niche. There are dozens of different strategies when it comes to property, and they all work. (Except for buying negatively geared rubbish and hoping for the best. That strategy is a dud.) Maybe your angle is subdivisions. Maybe its granny flats. Maybe its renos. Maybe its boarding houses. Whatever tickles your fancy, you're probably going to be better off finding what works for you, and mastering it. I don't really know anyone in the game who doesn't have their preferred play. Sure, they might dabble in different strategies now and then. And it certainly pays to have a few more arrows in your tool kit if the economics of a deal changes and you have to pivot in a different direction. But I don't reall

Feb 1, 2018
by Spiro
The 2018-uplift has already begun

Most of the herd don't realise it yet, but the 2018 lift off we've been expecting has already begun. It's not showing up in the official data yet. The official data is still throwing up shadows on the wall that frighten the young children. Prices are consolidating, sure. But they're not losing their footing And as the effect of credit restrictions pass, prices will begin to surge. That's the inside word from the economists at Macquarie Bank. "It is now looking very likely that housing prices at the national level are again rising modestly," the analysts said in a note to clients. Their analysis is based on an assessment of seasonally adjusted house price data from Domain's APM and CoreLogic's RP Data. "Dwelling price growth and activity are quite seasonal so the da

Jan 25, 2018
by Spiro
Can I really do this?

"It was easy for you to make money in property Spiro. But can I really do it too?" When I tell my story, it sometimes sounds a little clinical. I started out here without all that much, I found this strategy that worked. I did it again. And again. And now I'm a millionaire. In hindsight it's all so logical. Of course step B followed step A. But in the moment, I had no idea what I was doing or whether it would work. I was pioneering strategies. I had advice from mentors, and I knew those strategies worked for them, but would they work for me? And more than that, could I do it? Could I, Spiro, a man who had until this point lived his life like there was no financial tomorrow, just suddenly turn things around? I had never achieved great things. I had never made a million

Jan 17, 2018
by Spiro
Before there were fancy shells, there was property

Are you still going on about property Spiro? It's 2018 man. It's all about Cryptos these days bro. I know. I get it. I love it. I love what's going on in cryptos. It's fun. I'm having a bit of a dabble myself. And for the moment, there aren't as many hungry eyes on the property market. I love that. But sooner or later the hype will die down (check the overnight market :-)). The blockchain will be integrated into our technological universe, the price of alt-coins will stabilise, and the easy money will have been made... ... or lost. ... and there will still be property. There has always been property and there always will be. The first wars were fought over women, probably. The second over territory. That is, land. And before there was money. Before there were

Dec 18, 2017
by Spiro
High summer and high vibes

Its all out there in summer time, isn't it? Everything is on display. The clothing layers peel off and there's a lot more skin on the streets. Light hits the city like sledge hammer, and it feels like you're eyes are being overloaded. There's just too much signal. It all starts distorting. I think the reason people meditate with their eyes closed is so they can just turn off that input for a bit. Give themselves a break for the constant onslaught of visual information. It's hard enough at the best of times. But in summer it all gets amplified. So I think there's two intentions we can bring to summer. The first is to remember that this is a season to be seen. Get into your undies and hit the mall. Nah, I mean, the world is calling everything into its eyes. It is not

Nov 10, 2017
by Spiro
Does helping your kids put them at risk

Pop Quiz: Who is the fifth largest mortgage lender in the country? The Bank of Mum and Dad. You might not have seen their ads on the telly. They're largely working with a word-of-mouth marketing campaign. But they're gaining traction and market share. And now, according to the AFR, they've got a $16 billion dollar stake in the Australian mortgage market. "Bank of Mum and Dad... is estimated to have lent about $16 billion... "It is astonishing," said Martin North, principal of DFA. "Bank of Mum and Dad has become a critical factor in helping first time buyers break into very expensive property markets - and it is growing fast"... Large-scale unregulated parental funding is likely to increase prudential regulators' nervousness about the vulnerability of over-stretched buy

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