The All-Day Real Estate Cashflow Masterclass

My mates laughed at me when I told them I was investing in property for extra income…

But, then I told them I was now making the average Aussie salary each year from my portfolio…

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Join me at my FREE LIVE EVENT and you’ll see how to make as much as $10,000 per year net passive income from a single property – starting with just $60,000.

“Are you joking mate?" That’s what my friends said when I told them I was buying cash-generating properties, with the hope of replacing my income.
Some even laughed!

But, now my portfolio gives me around $1,200 per week net passive income – that’s money in my pocket after loan repayments and expenses.

And it’s enjoyed bumper capital growth too, with a total equity value of around $3.3 million.

This allowed me to go ahead and buy several of these properties.

So, now I’ve been able to quit my old job - because real estate funds my lifestyle.

Now, my mates infact, say ‘Spiro, how did you do it?’  - because they would love extra cashflow to have more freedom over their life too.

Now, maybe you want to get more passive income…so you can get more freedom over time…send your kids to the schools you want….have more holidays….and enjoy a financially secure retirement.

That’s why it’s a MUST you attend my new FREE event, because you’ll see how to qualify for my bold promise.

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“I will find you a positive cashflow property ranging from 5.1%-6.5% yields …or I’ll give you $10,000 of my OWN money!”

This means you are guaranteed to have a property that gives you extra cashflow each month

You’ll discover how to qualify to have my team and I personally find you a positive cashflow property…giving you net cashflow from week 1.

And, if we don’t succeed in finding you a positive cashflow property with 5.1%-6.5% yields - we’ll pay you $10,000.

Why would I make this ‘crazy offer’? Because last year, I found over 96 of these sort of properties for my members – so I know for a fact I can help you too.

You’ll also discover:

  • Find out today’s VITAL ‘Ripple Markets’ (Sydney and Melbourne have moved… Where moves next for potential double digit growth? HINT: It’s NOT where you think…)
  • Where positive cash flow lives in the large Cities—you DON’T need to go poking around in speculative rural towns to lock in positive returns!
  • The 5 biggest mistakes made by investors: DON’T learn by trial and error like 95% of investors!
  • How to obtain “Off-Market” Opportunities so you have a MASSIVE advantage over all the other investors in the market
  • How to avoid the number one BIGGEST mistake I see people make in financing in 2018
  • How my famous “PLANT” Property System works—learn this and I believe your financial future is more secure

Plus, it gets even better. Attend this free event and you’ll see how you can take advantage of ….

The ‘Born in the USA’ Cashflow Breakthrough

What if you could turn every $60,000 you put down into a $10,000 per year passive income through property.

(Without needing a loan from the bank - you’ll own the property outright).

Or what if you could turn a $120,000 investment into real estate….into a $20,000 passive income in the first year… Which could then snowball into as much as $60,000 by your 5th year of holding the property. And, yes, that’s money in your pocket after loan repayments and expenses. That’s what’s possible when you take advantage of USA property.

Register for this NEW FREE Seminar and I’ll show you many case studies of how you safely and profitably invest in the USA for 8-10% yields – at surprisingly low cost.

Fairmeadows St

Total Investments : $87,000

1st Year Return $15,256

Lee Hall Street

Total Investments: $79,500

1st Year Return $9,576

San Lucas Street

Total Investments: $132,000

1st Year Return $21,376

Corliss Street

Total Investment: $31,000

1st Year Return $5,055

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You’ll also discover…

  • The secret of snapping up properties at up to 40% below market value. It’s easy when you do this first.
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s Secret of ‘Bank Income’. This is how you can get more cashflow with less risk – by copying the strategy of the banks.
  • How to get an income-generating portfolio built for you – By a team of pros that have done over 1,500 property transactions
  • How to turn every $60,000 you invest into property into as much as $10,000 per year passive income. This is impossible for most Aussie real estate investors – but not you, when you know this secret.

You’ll discover all this - and so much more - at this new FREE 1 Day Event.

You’ll also discover:

“The Hottest Real Deals in Australia - Done For You”

If you qualify, you can now have the Hottest Small Developments Deals…Instant Equity deals…And, Positive Cashflow Deals…all "Done For You

What if you could have an ‘All-Star-Team’…who professionally manage over $30 million of projects per year…

Find and execute your next ‘big money’ making real estate deal for you?

That’s what’s now possible.

And, you can find out how to get started at my new free event.

Now, as a professional investor I am grateful to have over $3,500,000 in equity in my real estate portfolio.

But, I’ve achieved this not just through ‘buy and hold’ investing.

It’s through ‘Small Developments’ – turning a one house block into a 4-townhouse development - and the like.

I love this strategy because you can potentially make up to $693,549 in just one deal, if you know how to do it the right way.

“Live Project” Projected Profit - $693,549 from Just 1 Deal

But, I know you’re busy.

And, ‘life can get in the way’ of you doing all the work that goes into small developments – finding the deal, financing the deal, managing the deal etc.

So, I am to do one better than ‘TEACHING' you how to do these sort of deals.

I am going to show you examples of the sort of deals I do.

Then, if you like them….I’ll get a ‘Small Development Deal’ DONE FOR YOU by my professional team…

Now, perhaps you don’t want to do a small development just yet. That’s fine.

At my free event, you’ll also get examples of…

Sizzling Hot Positive Cashflow Real Estate Deals – Done For You

You’ll see exactly how I get over $60,000 per year positive cashflow from my portfolio.

Where I buy. And what sort of properties deliver and give me the best result.

Then, if you like what you see, I’ll show you how to get positive cashflow real estate deals…Found for you!

Development option 1 - Victoria

$91,852 Profit
18 months

3 Bed, 2.5 Bath, Double Garage Townhouse

Land Acquisition $172,084
Legal and Surveying Fees $7,904
Planning, Engineering $68,622
Building Contract $269,000
Subdivision costs + Contingency $12,538

Total Build Cost & Interest $530,148

Estimated Sales Appraisal $622,000
Estimated ROI 17.33%

Development option 2 – Qld

$195,796 Profit
14 months

5 Bed, 2.5 Bath, Double Garage Townhouse

Land Acquisition $316,350
Legal and Surveying Fees $22,534
Building Permit $49,900
Building Contract $299,793
Agent + Marketing $40,534

Total Build Cost & Interest $714,204

Estimated Sales Appraisal $910,000
Estimated ROI 21.47%

Development Deal Brisbane CBD

$488,436 Profit
Site Acquisition Costs $809,625
Total Development Costs $1,604,564
Gross Revenue from Sales $2,093,000*
Total Estimated Revenue $488,436

Development Option Bring us your site!

$500,000 Profit
12 Months
Existing Debt $80,000
Cost of DA, construction and interest $800,000
Sale Price estimated $2,200,000

Equity uplift of $500,000 off original estimated site valuation

Development option 3 - Victoria

$1.1M Profit
18 months

4 Townhouses - 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Car

Land Acquisition $1,081,000
Surveying Fees $4,000
Planning & Engineering $171,,690
Building Contract $1,690,000
Agent & 3rd Party Fees $129,810

Full Acquisition & Total Build Cost Incl. of funding - $3,137,718

Cost per Townhouse $627,543.60
Estimated Sales Appraisal - current market $1.1 Million

Total Estimated Equity per lot - $350,456.40

Estimated ROI 30%
Buy, Hold and Rent, or Flip for Profit!
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Introducing Your Speakers

Meet Self-Made Property Multi-Millionaire Spiro Kladis

Spiro is a professional investor who also helps others find the hottest property deals in Australia.

Whether it’s sub-divisions, ‘instant equity’ deals , positive cashflow deals - he’s got the ‘magic touch’ in bringing together money making deals for busy people.

As a testament of his track-record of his success, he’s now got well over 1,023 investors in his property sourcing club. Why have they joined?

Simply because of the financial results he gets for his clients. And, now at this one day event, you can discover his ‘secret sauce’ and use it to potentially boost your own bank account.

Introducing ... Drew Smith

Drew Smith is one of Australia's leading Property Educators and Presenters

As a full-time Investor, Drew understands what it takes to build the ideal portfolio for Australian Investors in today's market.

Drew has extensive experience as a Global Investor, Licensed Real Estate agent and a HSBC Financial Advisor.

Instant ‘Capital Growth Boom’ Deals Done for You

A common saying in real estate is ‘you make your money, when you buy, not when you sell’.

Which is so true!

But, it’s even better to make money when you buy and when you sell.

That’s why I love doing ‘instant equity’ deals in fast growth areas.

These are deals that give you a potential 'equity gain' ... the moment you buy.

Plus, give you long-term capital growth potential and rental income into the future, because of the fundamentals of the area.

And, at my free event I’ll show you where to find these ‘instant-equity’ deals in today’s fast-growth market.

Because, there are still markets ‘rip-roaring’ ahead – even while other areas have peaked.

Plus, if you like what you see again, I’ll show you how to have my team personally find these deals for you.

“How to Cash in on Small Developments - Even if You Only Have $95,000 To Get Started”

If you want to cash in on ‘small developments’…but don’t have enough money to get started then good news.

Now, you can use other people’s money to help fund your small development…then you share in the profit together

We all know you can make healthy profits from small developments – even as much as $200,000+ from a simple ‘1 into 4’ subdivision.

The problem is you need ‘deep pockets’ to get started – even as much as $300,000+ down.

That means many average investors are “locked out” of the rich profits available.

But now thanks to our new ‘Partner Up’ service instead of needing big money to do a small development….

You may only need as little as $95,000 to get your share of the big profits available.

And you can find out how to get started at my new FREE 1 Day Event.

This is your chance to potentially make the next 12 months, your best 12 months financially…

You’ll also discover…

  • How to potentially buy properties at big discounts…without haggling with real estate agents
  • Where to find healthy-cashflow properties… even in capital cities
  • How to get fast equity gains on a property…without building or renovating anything

And much more.

So, join 100’s of other Australians and reserve your free ticket now.

Yes, I want to reserve my free ticket

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Who is this event for?

Everyone from beginners to seasoned investors will get massive value from this event. That’s because just one little ‘golden tip’ you discover…could add significant wealth to your bank account, if you apply it.

Why is the event free?

At the event, you’ll get the opportunity to have us personally support you as you grow your investment portfolio.

We thought the best way to help you choose if you want to work with us, would be to offer a full day of their best ideas and tips.

This way you can ‘try before you buy’ on the day. And, even if you don’t choose to go ahead with any ongoing support, you’ll learn a stack about real estate and wealth creation on the day.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can – just send them to this page to register.

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At this stage we don’t have any other events planned. So, please do whatever you can to be there.

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Tea, coffee will be available for you on arrival.

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