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Theo Couroyanis

These guys can deliver in what they promise. I was impressed with the holistic approach to property investing. With their coaching and guidance, I now have a professional property team behind me that I can go to for support and help. They have tailored a plan for me to implement that is achievable and doable for me and my family without the stress. I'm impressed.

Adam Zwart

I was able to buy a residential property in a capital city for the bargain price of just $355,000 (10% below market value) with an instant equity gain and nearly 6% yield. Plus, as a member, I got access to a very lucrative 5 town-house development deal that is estimated to return $1 million dollars in profit. I also have 3 international properties earning a passive income of $27,500 per annum. All created for me by the guys at Cashflow Capital.

Dominic Bivianno

Cashflow Capital is a great fit for me. They find deals that are perfect for what I want to achieve. So far, they sourced 2 properties that have great cash flow with growth potential. As a busy father and professional, it's great having a team around you that does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Sharry Eavis

I have been able to get involved with a high-profit development deal with their supervision and support. Basically, they do all the work. I expect a big profit from this deal in 18 months, around $500,000. I have also built a portfolio in the USA that is returning great positive cashflow. All sourcing, buying, collection of rent and renovation was done for me. It's pretty simple and easy for me at the moment.

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